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Science Fair at College des Frères – Jerusalem

Science Fair at College des Frères – Jerusalem

The opening ceremony of the science fair at College des Frères – Jerusalem was a grand event that brought together students, teachers, and parents in celebration of scientific exploration and innovation. The ceremony was graced by the presence of the esteemed Dr. Hani Abdeen, alumnus, and former minister of the Health in the Palestinian Authority, whose dedication to education and commitment to fostering a love for science among students was evident throughout the event.

Experiments Section The science fair featured an experiences section where students showcased their hands-on projects and experiments. From lights demonstrations to chemistry experiments, the experiences section provided a platform for students to demonstrate their creativity and scientific knowledge.

Math Section In addition to the experiences section, the science fair also included a math section where students presented their mathematical prowess through problem-solving challenges, puzzles, and mathematical models. The math section highlighted the importance of mathematics in scientific inquiry and its relevance in everyday life.

Sport Section Beyond traditional academic disciplines, the science fair at College des Frères – Jerusalem also incorporated a sport section to emphasize the importance of physical activity and health in conjunction with scientific learning. Students participated in various sports activities that showcased teamwork, coordination, and physical fitness.

Brother Daoud Kassabry concluded the science fair by expressing gratitude to those who contributed tirelessly to the success of the event. Among those acknowledged were Ms. Jihan Sandouka, Mr. Issa El Youssef, Mr. Mahed Khair, Ms. Hadil Kratem, Mr. Mourice Rock, and Ms. Rana Thalgy and to Ms. Aida Salameh, the school academic supervisor.