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A day at Fratelli Project

A day at Fratelli Project

By De La Salle Solidarietà Internazionale ONLUS

Read now the fourth reportage of this socio-educational program for refugee children and youth in Saida and Beirut, Lebanon! Experience Fratelli. Peek through the classrooms and gardens of the Fratelli Project. Hear the laughter. Witness the carefree cheers. And read remarkable stories of young refugee children who – along with vulnerable Lebanese youth – have found hope for their future. It is a vibrant, life-giving center.

Download it in your language ?https://bit.ly/3H3HotH..

and watch the video to have a taste of #FratelliProject meaning during a single day’s activities. This unique, creative, and effective socio-educational program creates bridges of peace where walls once existed.FMSI La Salle Global