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Nouvelles …de Jaffa

Nouvelles …de Jaffa

Pictures from the experiment of th graders -* The students experimented with ׳. Carb identification. * They produced a starch from a potato, and made capsules. Of course we also used glucose powder and sukrose and mentioned the difference in the features and structure of the materials. While putting an emphasis on research skills: making observations; performing a controlled experiment; identifying the components of the research in observation; results and conclusions. In addition, they will watch and participate in an experiential lecture for Dr. Yossi Campus, a researcher from the Weizmann Institute of Science, the subject of the lecture was around indicators in nature and their uses and applications in everyday life, in medicine and general research.

Lettres au père Noël ☃️⛄????? classe de CM1

Projet de 3eme, 4eme et 5ème + 2c pour la journée mondiale des droits de l’enfance.

Work and activation on the subject of caution on the road, for layers A to D guided by teacher Maha Panos.