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Activities #300 Lasalle – Kfaryachite

Activities #300 Lasalle – Kfaryachite

One heart, one life, one commitment; this is what we live in Kfaryashite. We have different activities through which we live our Lasallian spirituality. “Signum Fidei” is a lifestyle lead by about 15 teachers. We have regular meetings during which we read the gospels and we share prayer for the school, our families and students.

       Six “Signum Fidei” members accompany the young Lasallians in their afternoon activities that take place   every Friday. During these activities more than 120 students enjoy spiritual,social, physical and artistic activities. We share moments of great joy and happiness. We also organize educational trips where we visit different regions,celebrate Mass and enjoy lunch together.

       We have a heart that is triggered by faith, a commitment that we take to spread the word of God and teachings of De La Salle, as well as a life that we have chosen to live fully! 

Live Jesus in our hearts forever!