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Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph

Saint-Joseph, Saint patron de l´Institut des Frères des Écoles chrétiennes. 

Happy St Joseph’s Day, boss of the Brothers Institute of the Christian Schools – May St Joseph intercede for us and especially for the sick of the coronavirus.
Extract from St John Baptiste’s Meditation Hall for St Joseph’s Day:
” You must have such great attention and affection to retain or provide innocence to the children you are driving, and to keep away from them anything that may harm their education and prevent them from piety, as holy Joseph had it for all that could contribute to the good of the Child Jesus; since you are charged with these children from God, as Saint Joseph was of the Savior of the world. It is also the first care you must have in your job, if you want to imitate St. Joseph, who had nothing more to heart than to fill the needs of the Child Jesus “.