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St. Marc College’s participation in the (United Nations modeling)

St. Marc College’s participation in the (United Nations modeling)

MFGNU tap 2th time
St. Marc College’s participation in the (United Nations modeling) has long started with a small group of high school students, but over time a well-equipped team has formed and participated in many MUN sessions in Alexandria, Cairo and Turkey.
In 2016, a group of students participated in the United Nations French-speaking Model Grenoble. It was a rich and encouraging experience.
This year, and under the supervision of Mr. Georges Mitchell, high school students – and after being carefully selected by a French-language level test – were able to enjoy this pleasant experience of the MFGNU (French-speaking model of the United Nations) from February 14 to 16 ..
During the event, students were hosted as families. It was for them at first a bit stressful, but they ended up loving it and enjoyed the experience a lot.
During the days of the conference, they showed great skills for debates and negotiation. This was shown by the Chair’s comments from different committees and on the press team page of the conference on the Internet.
Two speeches by ambassador (opening speech) were chosen to be delivered during the opening ceremony; that of Adham Ahmed (Denmark delegate) and Pierre Bahgat (French delegate). After great efforts and a remarkable presence, Pierre Bahgat has been selected as best delegate of the Economic and Social Committee (Economic and Social Committee).
The stay in France continued with a lot of cultural visits. Guided by their teacher M. George Mitchell, our students went around Grenoble where they visited the museum of the old cathedral and old churches,… The next day they went to Lyon where they visited the main tourist sites such as the Cathedral of our Lady of the Fourvière, old Lyon and others. Finally Paris: the Eiffel Tower, the Champs Élysées, the Arch of triumph, Notre Dame, the Sacred Heart, the Grévin Museum,….
The is an activity that serves to develop the skills of young people, integrate them into the ideology of the current world and helps them to understand in a more or less academic way the suffering of people who are suffering in poverty and marginalization. This experience in France also gave them the chance to broaden their cultural spirit and strengthen their language skills.